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Peter Gardini

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The Magic Circle Headquarters at The Centre for the Magic Arts is accessible to everyone via our public events programme. We produce an array of shows, tours, productions and open days so that anyone with an interest in magic and its history can visit us.

Early booking is strongly recommended for all our events.  Please note The Magic Circle Headquarters is not open for casual visits and advance booking is required for all shows and visits.

To hire The Magic Circle for your event, please contact

Magicians: If you are a magician and can prove membership of a recognised magic club and would like to visit The Magic Circle on a club Night, please contact:

Scholars: If you have an enquiry about wishing to study in our library or archive, please contact:

In The Magic Circle museum The spiral staircase at The Magic Circle The Devant room at The Magic Circle Magic props cabinet in the Devant room at The Magic Circle Display cabinet in The Magic Circle museum